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Benefits of Therapy Mud


Treats chronic rheumatism, osteoarthritis, muscular ligament aches, pains of the joints, eczema, psoriasis, neuro-dermatological diseases, acne, headaches, neuralgia, stress, insomnia.

Clears deeply the skin minimizing wrinkles appearance, reviving the complex at the level of the tissues, eliminates the toxins, removes the fats, reduces cellulites, purifies, softens and gives color and glamour to the skin.

Stimulates the immunity system, accelerates metabolism, removes the water excess from the body giving the relief sensation, reduces weariness, relaxes the body and the mind, increases the comfort feeling, fortifies, improves the pains suffered from previous accidents as well as those generated by rheumatism or muscular immobility.

The muscle-articulation pain in sick people with posttraumatic diseases of the limbs was favorable influenced in ambulatory treatment, at the sick person´s home, with satiable preparations from liquid natural extract of mud. It was noticed an antalgic, anti-inflammatory and trophic action of this product.

Hot mud wrapping for recuperation after poliomyelitis problems has a positive reactivity upon quadriceps and ischial-bones, physical and biochemical qualities of the mud proving to be stimulating elements of the organism.

Vaginal swab procedure with Techirghiol mud is considered with a special very efficient, shortens much the treatment period, normalizes the menses, and decreases a lot dysmenorrhoea and leucorrhea.

It has curative effects upon the genital apparatus, it has been noticed the disappearance of trichomonas, the normalization of the values of vaginal PH. These are favorable influences upon the older forms of post inflammatory and pseudo tumor forms.

The balneal procedure with salt and mud application has immediate calming effects giving to the body a vagotrophy vegetative state, according to the intensity and the duration of the balneotherapy.


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