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Mudnett Applications

Fango Schlamm грязь

A range of clinical and experimental researches led to the elucidation of the action mechanisms of the mud products, applied parental or unctional.

Diseases of the locomotion system:

a) Degenerative rheumatic diseases:

- Prearthrosis states

- Cervical, back, lumbar spondylitis

- Coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis

- Periferical localization of the arthroses

b) Traumatic diseases:

- Posttraumatic arthritis

- Residual trombophlebetis

- Posttraumatic peripheral circulation disorder; residual edema

c) Chronic inflammatory rheumatism:

- Polyarthritis rheumatic (biological stabilized forms, forms with psoriasis)

- Stiffed spondylitis (initial forms or biological stabilized; evolutive forms are treated only in the recovery sections of the sanatorium)

- Arthritis with infections (after its drainage)

Neurological diseases:

a) Posttraumatic paralysis and paresis

b) Radiculonephritis

c) Problems after epidemic acute poliomyelitis

Gynecological diseases:

a) Hyporeactive functional problems with pluriglandural or ovarian block

b) Secondary neuroendocrine problems of the anatomic healed metrosalpingitis

c) Inflammatory problems with adhesion, deviation, static disorders

d) Chronic, areactive or macrolesional inflammatory processes

e) Sterility and infertility

Dermatological diseases:

a) Chronic dermatoses, psoriasis, pityriasis, dry eczema, neurodermitas

Diseases associated with the main profiles of diseases mentioned:

a) Diseases of the respiratory and otorhinolarynx systems

b) Diseases of the heart-vascular system

c) Digestive and metabolic diseases

d) Allergies

e) Diseases of the urinary ways


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