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Advantages of Therapeutic Mud

spa therapy

It is a 100% natural product, with no additives, that are brought from a clean ecological environment, near the Black Sea

The range of tests shows the high level of organic, inorganic and mineral compounds with important antioxygen properties that help the immunitary system, the protective mechanism of the body, improving the micro-circulant and physic-chemical properties at the level of the cellular membrane from the process of the organism

The studies of the biological complex upon the mud from Techirghiol show its germicidal action, the modifications at the tissues level stimulating the dynamics of the organism´s general metabolism to the level of the glucides, protides, lipids as well as some enzyme systems. The germicidal action is optimal manifested around the temperature of 40 degrees C, and decreases at lower temperatures and disappears completely at temperatures of over 50 degrees C

The study of the chemical complex of the mud shows the effect of the biogen stimulator upon the tissues with the action of the resistance factors that come from the plants or immigrants that took part at its formation

The high level of the vitamins, minerals, analgesics, organic and biostimulating acids owed to the ¨chemistry theory¨ of the ploidygenesis system (mud formation), these substances are deeply passed through the skin in the body and have a manifold effect for the organism

Hydrogen sulfide is an active biological element stimulating the blood stream and the biological process of the skin, increasing the production activity of the enzyme, the level of ascorbic acid in the tissues, helping at the annealing of the metabolism

It has a great capacity of absorption; it has a decongestive effect and removes the toxins, creating for the skin the ability to self-cure

It is a very efficient in stimulating the skin´s metabolism thus determining the increasing of the skin viability

As the skin is the most expansive elimination organ of the body, the mud increases the removal of the tissue residues

The mud removes the dead cells of the skin and removes the sebum excess and the impurities from the skin

The mud is used for the prevention of the inflammation and the minor infections (juvenile acne), but is also has the ability to repair the effects of the sun, of the photo aging, giving back the suppleness and the firmness of the skin

The most important thing is the fact that it contains minor elements that remineralizes the skin thus being created a good environment for a younger and healthier epidermis

The mud has purifying, cleansing and regenerative properties of the cells. The studies proved that it also has relaxing oxygenation and revival properties of the organism

Influences the healing of the nervous system, similarly with the action of the technicians of alternative medicine such as acupressure and reflexology, revival of the natural elements of the body, collagen and elastin, improves the natural aspect of the skin


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