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Special Warnings

Special contraindications:

- Valvular problems after acute articular rheumatism

- Polyarthrisis rheumatical: feverish systemic forms, (vascularization, hepatomegaly), malignant forms, lupoide, and the ones with amyloidal

- Stiffed spondylitis with respiratory block increased, forms with systemic lesions

- Recent fractures without sufficient internal retainer; unstable fractures of the backbone with secondary medulla lesion potential; pathological fractures on bone

- Polyneuropathies in acute stage, paraneoplactic neuropathies, neuropathies from collagenosis

- Hemiplegia of infectious etiology, malignant tumor, those with a hemorrhagic cause with values of arterial blood-pressure difficult to control under drug treatment

- Painful cardiopaty ischemia with frequent crises, the painless one with severe disorders of rhythm and leading, valvularpathies uncompensated, heart block uncompensated, patients with an embolic potential. Lung core uncompensated

- Cerebral arteriosclerosis with social behavior disorders

- Active lung tuberculosis. Lung mycosis, bronchitis with severe homeosis forms, silicotuberculosis, manifested lung block

- Dyspnoea of IV and V degree regardless the cause

- Asthuma bronchitis with frequent crises or asthmatic sick states

- The bronchitis infection with purulent intensive sputum

- Ulcerous disease with gastric or duodenal location in painful crisis, hemorrhagic ulcer in the past three months, relapsing peptic ulcer, gastrointestinal fistulae, malabsorption syndromes, chronic gravel colecystitis with frequent crises, active chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis hepatitis

- Gravels with hydronephrosis over I degree, nitrite retention, chronic glomerularnephritis, acute or chronic pyelonephritis with phenomena of kidney block


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