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MUDNETT® - Therapy Mud Description

therapeutic massage

Usage of the mud as a therapeutic factor has been well-known for thousands of years, mud therapy being one of the oldest treatments used ever since the Ancient Egypt and later, and some application methods were preserved until nowadays.

The Techirghiol mud is known as a therapeutic factor for over 200 years and it is the object of the activity of the famous sanatorium from the same location for over 100 years.

The Techirghiol mud is prepared to be delivered in the whole country and even abroad, right now being available as we present it for home treatments, in beauty parlors, sanatoria and sold in natural stores.

The appearance of this product was possible because we finalized an investment project.

Using a competitive technology compatible with ISO 9001 standards, we attained to create products accepted by the National Institute of Recovery, Physical Medicine and Balneotherapy and Notified by the Health Ministry.

Their last generation wrapping presents them in a modern and easy to handle way, having on the back of the product clear instructions. They are wrapped in boxes of 1x24 bags of 400g and/or 600g.

MUDNETT® Ingredients

  • Humic acids 1,828
  • Ethereal extract 0,537
  • Benzene-alcohol extract 0.889
  • Organic carbon 0,379
  • Organic nitrogen 0,250
  • Soluble carbohydrates 2,254

  • Cl- 3545,60

  • SO4-2 548.0
  • HCO3- 390,4
  • Na+ 2218,0
  • K+ 96,0
  • Ca2+ 89,6
  • Mg2+ 167,2
  • Fe2+ 9,6
  • NH4+ 12,6
  • NO3- 57,0
  • NH2+ 1,4
  • H2S 41,931
  • pH 7,5

The Techirghiol mud has a quantitative and qualitative mineralization that classifies it at the head of the sapropelic muds worldwide.
(total mineralization: 292.3 g%0; Cl 28.53 g%0, Na+K-: 18.43 g%0, Ca : 27.48 g%0, silica: 140.37 g%0, H2S: 0.7000 g%0; Br: 0.29 g%0).


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