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MUDNETT® - Usage for therapeutic massage therapy


Therapy mud

Warm the mud in the thermo resistant bag at 38-40 degrees C in a hot water bath.

For applications and compresses, use the mud in a layer of 1-1.5 cm, cover with a cotton texture and wrap it up wool blanket or a thermo blanket.

The procedure lasts 15-30 min for 7 days.

After every 2 days, there is one break day and the therapy can be combined with massages or inhalations.

It is used for the psoriasis, arthritis, eczema, ulceration, inflammation treatment, muscle and rheumatic pains, etc.


therapeutic massage

In a non-metallic bowl mix the mud in a bag with hot water.

Massage your back and the limbs with this mix and afterwards wash.


mud bath balneotherapy

Mix in the tub 2kg of mud (3 bags x 600g or 5 bags x 400g) with water of 37-40 degrees C, as much as it is necessary to cover you, ventilate the mixture.

Stay in the tub for 10-15 min., after a week stay in the tub for 30-40 min.

It is used for detoxification, the pores dilate at the heat, when you are stressed, tired after a disease, muscle pains, arthritis, skin problems, etc.


mud bath therapy

After having exposed your body to the sun for about 10 min., cover it with a layer of mud of 1 cm, stay in the sun another 20-30 min, then wash (preferably) with salt water.

Repeat this action for 7 days, alternating the sun exposure with mud massages or inhalations.


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