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General Warnings

Experience proved that the mud as a bath must not be used for the external TBC and especially in the one with fistulae as it contains a microbial flora that can lead to a much more serious infection.

Treatments upon it are damaging for the healing because instead of attaining an increased number of the red cells and of the hemoglobin, they decrease their number, generating a decrement of the body´s resistance.

General contraindications:

- Febrile acute and chronic diseases in acute exacerbation crisis

-All contagious diseases when they are contagious and in convalescence

-Venereal diseases in the contagious stage

-Cachectic state, no matter the cause

-Malign tumors, no matter the form, localization or evolutionary stage

-Repeated and abundant hemorrhages states of any kind

-Bearers of pathological germs or infested with parasitic

-Pathological pregnancy and the normal pregnancy over 3 months


-Blood or system diseases that after the general state (anemia, leukemia, cancer)

-Psychopaths with social behavioral disorder

-Chronic alcoholism with neuropsychological disorders

-Toxic manias

-Hyperglycemia uncompensated, difficult to control through diet and drug treatment, especially for those insulin addicted

-Heart, liver or kidney block that manifests itself.


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